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  Born in Latvia in 1990, Krupenny’s interest for photography began at the age of 4 when her mother introduced her to the first film camera. Kristine was amazed how a small device can capture memories and save them for years to come..
After Graduating High School in 2008, Krupenny spent 1 year studying interior design and drawing at Baltic International University where after a year she understood that life could be more interesting and colourful and a decision was made to move to a different country for gaining experience living and studying abroad.
  Since moving to the United Kingdom after finishing her University Year 1, Kristine has spent few years travelling around the country and undertaking different jobs, gaining more experience and practicing her english language skills, meeting new people etc.
  In 2013 Krupenny has set herself a goal to grow her photography skills, as this is something that she wanted to do, to the level that would be worthy magazines and potential client work.
In 2014 Kristine Krupenny enrolled for the BA photography course at University of Kent where she is studying until today.

  Along with her studies in the university Kristine Krupenny does freelance fashion and product photography and has worked with different clients and brands across various social media platforms. Kristine Krupenny is a published photographer and her works were published in both - social media portals and magazines.

Today Krupenny's client list includes floral designer Wendy Andrade, House of Merlot (New York), Avizeh Afghan Jewellery and Clothing, Rozentale (London) and many others.

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